Coffee of the Month

Try our coffee of the month and get both convenience and variety right to your door!  We’ll send different coffee each month from our complete line of organic, Bird Friendly, fairly traded coffees (excluding decaffeinated and espresso coffees). Or if you have a favourite coffee, you may choose to repeat that every month. Set up any order you wish on a repeating cycle and we’ll take care of it.

bfcmOur coffee of the month club is flexible! Just click the “Repeating Pattern” link on your order preview to set it up. The default pattern is every month on the first Tuesday, starting the next business day, and continuing until you cancel. You can modify the pattern to be every other month or every three weeks or whatever you wish. You can prevent shipments from starting before a certain date so that the first one arrives after a special date like a birthday. You may set up a gift to repeat a specific number of times.

Gifts are typically prepaid for a series of installments.  You choose how often and how many.  Set the recurring pattern up to end after a number of shipments. Then the order preview will show the option to prepay the series and will give you a total dollar amount for the series. If you check that box, we will charge your credit card for the full series when you place the order.

Alternatively, you may “pay as you go” and we charge each installment on shipment. If you want to pay as you go, please make sure we have a valid credit card on file. If your credit card expires we will send an e-mail.

You are free to change the coffee, quantity or frequency any time or cancel pay as you go orders any time. Please make change requests by e-mail to If you have prepaid, you may change the subscription to use its value with other orders at no charge*.

Click here to see current pricing and review our coffee selection.  The coffee of the month rotates through all the coffees (excluding decaf and espresso).

Enjoy the convenience and variety and the incredibly great taste of our boutique coffees throughout the year!

*Refunds are subject to an administration charge and will only applied to the credit card on which the original payment was made. If the destination address changes, the shipping charges will be adjusted accordingly.

2 thoughts on “Coffee of the Month

  1. Hi. I clicked the button to get info about coffee of the month, but there was no information about the coffee itself and how much it costs. ???


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